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E2bn Conference

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce the e2bn conference website is now live, and open for booking for this years conference! Just point your browser to:

Conference this year is on June 24th & 25th and there are two FREE places for schools who buy into e2bn services (usually via Local Authority Broadband packages)

Watch the Birdie!

Dear Colleagues,
My fellow Its Learning user in Norfolk has for the last few years been publishing a course called 'watch the birdie'. She has a webcam in a bird box and records activity at nesting time :-) If you would like to join in the fun of this, a whole course is available to you and your pupils. Just go to your courses - (in the top right hand corner click on the down arrow next to 'find more courses') and select "Community course catalogue" - in the Search box copy in or type in - "Watch the Birdie! 2014".
You can apply to join the course from the next screen. Enjoy :-)

2Simple French

Dear Colleagues,
The old link to 2Simple French no longer works via the Learning Platform as 2Simple are concentrating on integrating their software programs into Purple Mash.
For schools who do not subscribe to Purple Mash this is a problem! However we have been able to create a link to 2Simple French (in Purple Mash) just for those schools in Central Bedfordshire. Instructions and the link are in the A VLE support area course.
Any problems please contact me in the usual way.
Bon Appetit :-)

New for Administrators

Dear Administrator Colleagues,
There has been an update to the view of hierarchies, now rather than a list of hierarchies you will see a graphical representation of them. This should make it easier to navigate and edit as needed.
As ever any issues please contact me in the usual way.

Office 365 issues

There has been major issues with Office 365 mail this morning, Its Learning have been in contact with me and wish you to know that they are treating this issue with the highest priority.
Hopefully service will be restored as soon as possible.
If you REALLY need to access mail then there is a workaround:
1. type in the following address:
2. Type in your email address (in full) and put in your normal password
This should get you into mail, however if you have changed your password it may not work - try your previous one!
Best wishes,
Neil Turner

UPDATE: It has now been fixed - please let me know if you have not got it back!!

UPDATE 2: You should be able to log back into your mail account, however you may need to restart your browser if you still encounter the SSO error.


All schools have now been migrated onto the new office 365 mail system.

PLEASE let me know if you still cannot access mail!!
Neil Turner


Update 9th Aug
Migration to office 365 mail is now fully underway with 62 schools (by alphabet) now having been migrated. This represents about half of the schools using the platform in Central Bedfordshire. Hopefully all schools should be done by the end of Friday :-))


Access to mail is restricted at the moment as all central bedfordshire schools are being upgraded to office 365. I have been informed that access should resume from tomorrow (7th August). Your mail should not look or be any different as the changes to it are in the background.
If there are any issues please contact me.
Neil Turner


Please make sure you have renewed your licence so you can continue to use the learning platform.
Contact Neil Turner if you are unsure if your school has done so.

I hope you all have a lovely summer break :-)

Best wishes,


email access.

If you are experiencing issues accessing email via the learning platform, please delete the temporary internet files and cookies from within your browser and try accessing mail again.
If you need help with this please contact Neil Turner.


This month sees more updates to the learning platform:
Farewell frames!
Easier to embed sound in content
Course templates and course copying
Planner visible to other mentors and teachers
Improvements to the assessment record
Learning objective assessment
My library enhancements
User administration and hierarchy tab
Minor changes
If you want to know more about these and how it may improve pupils use (and yours) please let me know.

live@edu update

Dear Colleagues,
its learning are still having to manually update the security certificates for the live@edu service which is affecting a number of schools' mail accounts. Some schools mail has now been restored but unfortunately some schools are still experiencing issues. Please let me know if your school is still having issues.

Live@edu error messages

Dear Colleagues,
It has become apparent that the security certificate provided by Microsoft for the live@edu mail system is not being updated automatically (by microsoft) Its learning technical team are therefore having to renew the certificates manually.
If your mail is affected you will get the "SSO is not configured" message, although the technical team are attempting to avert this by renewing certificates it can take a while for them to filter through. If your school is affected by this when you try to access your mail please understand this is a temporary situation and it should be rectified within 24-48 hours. It is still possible to access mail via another route - the link is on the Learning Portal (right hand side)
Its Learning would like to apologise for this situation and assure you that they are working to rectify the issue.
Any problems please contact me.
Neil Turner

Upgrade outage

Dear Colleagues,
Received from itslearning:
itslearning will be performing some site maintenance on Friday 23rd November 23:00 GMT with completion by Saturday 24th November 08:00 GMT.  During this period your itslearning platform will experience a maximum outage period of 30 minutes as the upgrade takes place.  We apologise in advance for this inconvenience.  

Should you wish to raise any concerns relating to the outage then please feel free to contact support either via email at or phone on 07920 794 290.


Learning Platform Update

Dear Colleagues,
The Learning Platform has now been updated and includes a number of new features:
- There is a new and improved planner to plan your teaching more efficiently
- Create fun and simple quizzes for your youngest learners using the new child-friendly test tool for the early learner interface
- You can now use your iPhone to edit rich text ? and upload images and videos directly through your web browser
- There is new and improved learning objectives for activities and lessons
- A number of bug fixes (a list of these can be found at:

Neil Turner

Early Learner News

Its Learning have updated the Early Learner interface to include 'the Test tool' If your school uses this interface for your younger pupils then it is worth having a look at it.
Best wishes,

live@edu Mail security page

Colleagues, you may have been subject to a mail security page when trying to log into live@edu mail. Not only has this been annoying but as many of you have pointed out this conflicts with the e-Safety messages we give to pupils. I am pleased to report the following from its learning:

"Just to advise we have had an update from Microsoft saying they will be removing the additional security page over the coming weeks. Once this is completed & we have tested we?ll be in contact again to confirm completion".

I hope that this action will make the learning platform mail easier to use (again)

Neil Turner

Service of the Platform

Dear Colleagues,
I have received notification that its learning will be performing some maintenance during the summer break, please see below for full details:

"This summer we are doing major upgrades to our infrastructure, including extending our hosting to a new, state-of-the-art hosting facility. In addition we are making major architectural optimizations to our applications to ensure future performance. In order to be able to complete this, itslearning will be unavailable during the following periods:
Starting from: Friday 27th of July, 5 pm CEST
Ending (at latest: Sunday  29th of July, 11 pm CEST
Starting: Friday 3rd of August, 11 pm CEST
Ending: Saturday 4th of August, 8 am CEST

We have chosen to do these changes during the period when we have the lowest traffic over the year due to the summer holidays. If you wish to seek clarification on this please contact the It?s Learning Support Desk via email - - marking the Subject - 'Query regarding maintenance work Summer 2012'
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause
itslearning Support Service"

Platform Update July 2012

A new update to the learning platform took place over the weekend and amongst a variety of fixes and additions includes:
- Improved integration of the planner and calendar
- Ability to add apps to your early learner interface courses
- All content of events in calendar is now aligned at the top.

Neil Turner

Platform Update

From It's Learning:
"We are happy to announce that there is an impending new release of the itslearning platform.  This is currently scheduled to occur over a 1 week period starting on the evening of Thursday 26th April and due to completed by start of business on Thursday 4th May. We anticipate the work on UK services will occur on Monday 30th April and Wednesday 2nd May, however depending on other related work being completed, this may change.

This work is non service impacting, therefore end users should see no change or differences to the usual levels of performance."
Should you have any queries regarding the April release please contact Support Services on 0800 977 5714 or via email to

Resources facility

Colleagues, you may be aware of one of the new features of the learning platform called 'Resources' this is linked with the calendar and gives you the facility to 'book' shared resources in your school. If you would like to know more about this useful addition please contact me in the usual way.

Training Opportunities

Colleagues, It's Learning have arranged a couple of training sessions for staff who either require more basic training or are looking to push their knowledge and use of the learning platform further. Please see the details of venues etc at

You Tube for Schools

You may have seen that YouTube have started a service for education (see )

I have been informed by e2bn that YouTube for Schools is now available on all student profiles when using the internet IN SCHOOL (including the Children's Library profile). The main YouTube site is not blocked on the Staff profile and this remains unchanged.
If there are videos you think are suitable and educational but that are currently not within the YouTube Education framework if you let e2bn know in the usual way they can add them to the E2BNProtex playlists.

This is a major development from Google/YouTube and one that e2bn have been lobbying for for some time: E2BNProtex will be the first filtering platform to make this new service available to all its 600,000 students

Please visit

Changes to Hierarchy Names

Hi everyone
Now that migration has completed for all schools, we have changed your top level hierarchy names to Central Beds/All Schools.

Every school hierarchy will now sit under this structure instead of Bedfordshire/default.  We had to wait until all migrations were completed before making the change as this would have affected our migration scripts if we had implemented this earlier.

Darren Lloyd


If you are annoyed by those pop ups that ask you about security when you go to a dashboard that has pictures or video (usually video) then either get your network technician or technical support to do the following either on each machine or as a policy on the server.

NOTE: this does not happen if you are using Firefox

In Internet Explorer go to 'Tools' and click on 'Internet Options'
Click on the Security Tab then Inernet zone find the button 'Custom Level' and click on it.
Scroll about halfway down to find the Miscellaneous area,
Look for 'Display Mixed Content' and 'enable' it.
Click OK and OK again for the main dialogue window.
Problem sorted!

+ If you are using ie 8 or 9 make sure that Tools - Compatability View Settings is ticked (bottom left) for Display all websites in Compatability View. This ensures that you will still be able to edit documents from within the platform.

2Simple programs

Colleagues, we have 2Simple French working (I think so please test it) go to the A VLE Support Area for more information.
UPDATE: Purple Mash is now ready to use - look in 'add extension' and if your school has purchased Purple Mash there will be an 'include' button, click on it and you now have access to Purple Mash when creating a 'note' etc. I added instructions for this to the A VLE Support area.

It's Learning User Group

Colleagues, It's Learning is holding a user forum in Kettering on 15th and 16th June 2011. If you would like to attend please visit

e2bn conference

Don't forget to book for the e2bn conference this year, it is being held at the Robinson Centre, Wyboston and is running on 28th & 29th June. This years theme is Sustain IT.

NEWS JUST IN!!!!! - Received from e2bn this afternoon 03/05/2011

Great News!!

Free Places at the E2BN Regional Conference for E2BN schools.

In light of schools now having received their financial settlement for 2011/12, and recognising the financial constraints that exist, E2BN have decided that every school in E2BN will have the first two delegates places free of charge for the regional conference.

These will be on a first come first served basis, so book now to avoid disappointment.


Colleagues, there have been a number of issues with authentication to enable espresso to be viewed via the learning platform. I have been advised that to authenticate correctly your 'live@edu' email address needs to be entered into your 'personal information'. This can be found in 'My Settings' - 'change details', you may find you have a personal email address there or your 'old' Netmedia address. It needs to be changed to your live@edu address and espresso will work.
Neil Turner

More Mail Issues

Colleagues, If you are seeing a yellow circle with an exclamation mark in it next to your mail link in the top right hand corner of your learning platform window please contact me. There is an issue with the mail reporting it can't update unread messages although it is!
Please contact me in the usual way to get this error message removed by the technical team.
Neil Turner

Who is online?

Colleagues, the little green man telling you who is online has been removed for all Central Bedfordshire schools until the e-Safety issues are sorted out. You should only 'see' people from your school, but due to issues with each migration this is not working as it should. We have taken the decision to remove it until we have all schools migrated and the offending shared courses are removed.
If you need any further information please contact me.
Neil Turner
Schools ICT Team Manager

Support Course

Colleagues, Please look in your list of 'courses' for a new course entitles 'A VLE Support Area' here you will find an increasing number of items to help you to use the learning platform effectively. We will also upload past webinars so if you missed one you will be able to 'catch up'
Neil Turner


To all schools who have already migrated:
Please do not forget to sign up to (and attend) the free webinars provided by It's learning. These are not only very useful but vitally important for staff who will be 'administering' the platform.
The next one is on January 5th at 4.00

Adding new users - IMPORTANT!

Please note that now all users have been added to it's learning with the .xy format postfix added to their usernames, it is essential that all new users that you now add to the VLE are also created with that same (school specific) postfix.

If you create users without postfixes, this will create some issues for you, particularly with regard to the email address that your new user will have as it will be incorrect.

Darren Lloyd
Client migration manager
it's learning

Using the VLE for the first time

Welcome to your new it's learning VLE.

If your school asked us to migrate users from the old Netmedia Learning Platform, usernames and passwords are here are unchanged except you now need to add a 3 character 'postfix' at the end of your username (for example a user who logged in previously as dlloyd at Vandyke Upper School would now log in as  A list of all the postfixes is being circulated to schools as they migrate.    

Darren Lloyd
Client upgrade manager
it's learning