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Early User Interface – Important changes

This summer we have some very exciting changes happening to the itslearning platform. Changes include a new interface, new features and updates to existing features.

At the end of July, the early learner course interface is being retired from itslearning, this means that it will no longer be possible to create new early learner courses. Any existing early learner courses will be converted to ordinary courses. Our design team is looking into how we optimise the new itslearning for our youngest users, and we will communicate these updates at a later date.

For more information on all changes that are happening this summer please visit

07/07/2016 11:11

Changes are coming - UPDATE

Having seen the new new look and feel, and talked to its learning staff I can assure all users that you DO NOT have to change to the new version of its learning.
A number of facilities that Central Bedfordshire users will be lost with the new version, a few of these are listed here:
Skins will no longer be supported i.e. space/animal misfits
Early years interface will not be supported
ALL CONTENT on a course 'dashboard' will be lost when upgrading

I have been assured that any/all schools who wish to continue with their EXISTING platform will be able to do so for the foreseeable future. This has several advantages, the biggest of which is not having to go through the undoubted upgrading issues. By waiting hopefully any problems will be ironed out AND it may be that in a years time scripts will have been written to allow your existing content to be migrated to the new version should you wish to venture down this route.

If you do not have much content on a course dashboard you may well want to move over to the new version, if you do please let me know.

Best wishes,

04/07/2016 13:14

Changes are coming

Dear Colleagues by September the Its Learning platform will be updated with new facilities, look and feel etc etc.
Please take time to read through this document, Back to School 2016 at:
and look at the its learning webpage with screen shots here:

Also there are still places for the Its Learning Conference at Wyboston on Friday 1st July, details are here:

Best wishes,
Neil Turner

28/06/2016 10:12



We are pleased to host the Flurrish 'Number Bee' times table competition and are really looking forward to seeing pupils meeting up  for a fun and friendly day - with 5 android tablets to be won (Thanks to Partnership Education).

We have some learning activities in between the competition rounds and there will be plenty of opportunities for staff to talk to each other and to technicians about the Maths app.

All U.K. schools are welcome - even if you are not using the app, You can send a team of four pupils (up to Year 6).

We will provide the devices for the competition, so you don't need to bring any with you.

Please e-mail

if you are interested in competing and we will send you full details about how to register.

Look forward to seeing lots of you here at Caddington on the 28th June!

14/06/2016 09:58

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